Human Nature Exerts Influence in Monarchy” – OLLI Instructor Dr. Spencer L. Allen, Ph.D.

Drake Airfield was packed with a full house last Thursday, Feb. 15, for the course Israelite History as Remembered by its Neighbors, taught by OLLI instructor Dr. Spencer L. Allen. This lecture series offers students a deeper look into Old Testament biblical texts, The First and Second Book of Kings, and the ancient histories surrounding them.

Pictured Above: OLLI students at Drake Airfield, Fayetteville, AR

Not only did students enjoy meaningful conversation and analysis of the book of Two Kings, but the rich cultural, economic, religious and political implications surrounding those mentioned in the text. The instructor offered key insight into ancient struggles for power, resource control, and the struggle to obtain political dominance.

Dr. Allen has a Master’s of Theological Studies in Scripture and Interpretation from Harvard Divinity School, as well as a doctorate in Hebrew Bible and Assyriology from the University of Pennsylvania. Having spent a year studying Semitic languages at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem he is more than equipped to offer OLLI students critical insight into the ancient world. During his lecture, Dr. Allen discussed ancient monarchical influence. He explained that even the powerful do not escape the continuous influence of human’s desire for personal gain. Dr. Allen said, “Human nature exerts influence in Monarchy. To quote Bruce Springsteen: “A poor man wants to be rich, a rich man wants to be king, and a king ain’t satisfied ‘till he rules everything.”” The final installment of this lecture series took place Thursday, March 1.

By: Shelby Dye, Feb. 2018