“We can’t depend on being happy and nurtured from the outside. It comes from within. The bottom line is self-care. Healing happens THROUGH you not TO you.”  – Allee Anabal-Jordan RN, EEM-AP

OLLI Instructor Allee Anabal-Jordan leading students in a Daily Energy Routine Drake Airfield (Fayetteville, AR) By: Shelby Dye. March, 2018

In her course entitled Introduction to Heart Health and Healing, OLLI Instructor Allee Anabal-Jordan, former practicing RN and current Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner, led OLLI students on a journey toward a holistic and healthy living centered around self-care. The course that took place Tuesday, March 13, was the second in a two-part course series dedicated to educating students about a holistic approach to achieving heart health.

Jordan led students through multiple aspects of healthy and balanced living including: mindful breathing practices, nutrition, exercise routines, energy healing routines, meditation and how to identify, avoid and alleviate stress factors that could cause our bodies harm. Many of Jordan’s routines are derived from Chinese and Yogic traditions and incorporate techniques that encourage “balanced” living. Through her teachings, Jordan suggested that it is not one factor alone that contributes to proper heart health, but instead a network of interwoven factors that contribute to proper heart health.

Jordan said, “I love energy medicine because it’s so empowering.” This course was structured in a way that would provide OLLI students the tools to help themselves daily in their continued walk with heart health, largely by explaining the concept of self-care. Many individuals view self-care as a selfish act, however, Jordan used an analogy to help explain the benefits of self-care for those in our lives as well. She alluded to oxygen masks on airplanes. Flight attendants instruct passengers to secure their own oxygen masks before assisting their neighbor with theirs. It is much more possible to help others if you have first helped yourself. Jordan asked, “How can you love yourself enough to put your oxygen mask on first? What does self-care mean to us? It’s possible it’s different for everyone.”

She challenged students to re-examine the way they view self-care. “We can’t depend on being happy and nurtured from the outside. It comes from within. The bottom line is self-care. Healing happens through you, not to you.” Students were guided through several aspects of healthy-living that would help them on their personal journey’s to maintained self-care and ultimately a holistic approach to maintained heart health.