In today’s post processing digital world, most photographers are spending hours per image in an attempt to become creative. Why should one spend hours in front of your computer when you can create abstracts and special effects in-camera in seconds. Piggy-backing off his award-winning book, RIGHT BRAIN PHOTOGRAPHY(Be an artist first), professional photographer, Eli Vega, will teach several in-camera techniques to produce unique and creative images, even with the most basic of DSLR cameras. Each will see several images created by the instructor, as he explains his technique. Eli will also demonstrate his techniques outdoors, then coach participants as abstracts and special effects are created. Abstracts and special effects make for great home or office décor, or for sharing on one’s favorite on-line platform.
Participants will break for a dutch treat lunch from 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm. The second day of class will participants will head outside to put information to practice and incorporate fieldwork, while the instructor advises.  

Pre-registration required. Must sign up by October 10th. To sign up Click Here

Eli Vega, award-winning and highly published photographer and author with over 20 years of experience, is based out of Eureka Springs. He has offered classes and workshops at the Eureka Springs School for The Arts, Rocky Mountain National Park, Garden of The Gods, and other venues. His new book, Right Brain Photography (Be an artist first), has been read by beginning and professional photographers. He is a certified trainer. His classes are casual, relaxed and fun. Visit him at, “Eli Vega Photography” on Facebook, or