Highlighted Courses

Does the University Really Need My Money? The State of Higher Education Fundraising and Finance.

Dean Michael Miller of the College of Education and Health Professions will discuss how higher education has historically been funded. Also shared will be the sources of those funds, and how change sin state priorities impact which governmental agencies receive tax payer money.

Mulling the Midterms

John Brummet makes his annual visit to OLLI to discuss whether the Democrats will take back the House in the midterms or if Trumpism will defy the pundits and conventional wisdom again? Join us for a lively evening of great discussion on the issues facing the political forefront. 

Small Business Income Tax and Money Management Strategies 

Learn tips and tactics to help save on business tax bills and manage small business money. Many new and fledgling small business owners wait until tax time to figure their income taxes to discover whether they have a profit or a loss. Judy Coke, an Enrolled Agent, will share how proactive tax and money management planning can help the business owner relax at tax time knowing that there is money to pay the business income tax bill.