Clarice Cox named Volunteer of the Year

On Monday, April 22, 2019, OLLI member, instructor, and longtime volunteer, Spencer Allen was named “Outstanding Instructor of 2018” and Clarice Cox was named “Volunteer of the Year of 2018.”

Earlier in the year, we interviewed Dr. Cox about her time at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute. Cox joined OLLI because, “I have been a life-time student and found the classes in the catalog enticing, and I saw OLLI as a means by which to continue being ‘a life-long learner’. After an OLLI presentation at another educational organization in which I am involved, my original enthusiasm for OLLI as a source of educating and being educated was rekindled.”

When asked about her favorite memory with OLLI, Cox said, “My favorite memory is seeing the enthusiastic response of participants as they enjoy classes we have planned and implemented. Many people no longer are comfortable travelling alone or making personal social plans; but they do enjoy the camaraderie created on OLLI trips and also the socialization in the classroom.” Cox has contributed to this socialization and overall positive experience by continuing to be a volunteer at OLLI over the last couple of years. OLLI leans heavily on their volunteers and loyal members, and Dr. Cox has been nothing short of that.


Director Josh Raney had some words to share when presenting the award to Dr. Cox. “Clarice has been a volunteer with the Osher Institute for many years now, serving as the chair of our Curriculum Committee for 2.5 years, during which time we saw record enrollment in our courses and saw our offerings expand and grow into new areas. She does not stop there though. Clarice is often involved with outreach presentations, event planning, providing instructor support as a class ambassador, teaches classes herself, has helped foster partnerships and is one of the institute’s biggest advocates and I must say she can make one awesome batch of cookies.”

OLLI thanks Volunteer of the Year Dr. Clarice Cox, and Outstanding Teacher of the year, Spencer Allen for their hard work and time given to the Institute.