FAQs — Frequently Asked Questions

What is OLLI?

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Arkansas (OLLI) is an affiliate of the University of Arkansas College of Education and Health Professions. Since 2007, OLLI at UA has provided northwest Arkansas’ seasoned adults with an vibrant learning community that encourages adults to live well and learn forever through the hundreds of stimulating non-credit classes, programs, cultural and social events produced annually by our member driven organization.

Who can participate?

OLLI classes, programs and activities are geared toward the interests of adults 50 and over, however, there are no age restrictions or academic prerequisites. Anyone, of any age, who enjoys learning, wants to explore intellectual and cultural subjects, share their diverse experiences and talents, and make new friends is welcome to participate.

What is the cost?

To become a member there are two options available:

  • Single Annual Membership – $50.00
  • Arkansas Alumni Association Members – $40.00

Courses are individually priced and payment is due at the time of registering.

How do I become a member?
  • Button for Click Here for MembershipJoin Online 24/7: Go to our secure Membership & Registration Site
  • Join in Person: We are located at 211 E. Dickson St. just behind the Washington County Courthouse. Registration services are open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. You may also mail us your membership application and payment. Mail to The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at University of Arkansas (OLLI) at the address above.
How do I pay for my annual membership?
  • OLLI member badgeWith a debit or credit card, available online only at our secure Membership & Registration Site
  • Check, cash or money order in person or by mail: Come by the OLLI office, Suite 205 in the Pryor Center on the east side of the Downtown Fayetteville Square, and register in person. We’re delighted to help you!
How can I be eligible for a tax deductible membership?

All OLLI annual memberships are tax deductible. Upon joining or renewing, you will receive of this tax deductible payment.

What subject areas are offered in your classes?

Each fall and spring semester, 100 or more courses and events are offered covering thought-provoking and wide ranging topics from global events to the arts, from history to health science research, to important local and worldwide issues of the day. We are certain to offer something for everyone of any interest. Also, there is no pressure of tests or grades, no papers to write, and the opportunity to learn with like minded individuals.

How do I register and pay for classes?
  • Online: Please click on our secure Registration Site.
  • By Mail or in Person: Just fill out the registration form in the course catalog and submit it to the OLLI office along with your payment.
  • Many courses and programs are open to the public, however, OLLI members receive priority registration and discounted course fees.
How do I know I've successfully registered?

You will be emailed a Transaction Summary indicating your registration and course or event information.

Where are classes held?

Tip: Be sure to check your course catalog for class location.

OLLI at UA classes are in and around northwest Arkansas. The majority of OLLI courses are held at either Drake Airfield (main terminal) or the University of Arkansas Uptown campus (west bldg.). Periodically classes and events such as, hikes, out and about programs, and educational tours will meet at other sites throughout Northwest Arkansas. Some of our most popular locations are detailed at our Maps and Directions page.

Here is a map of the area with parking noted.

Where should I park?

OLLI programs are held in various locations therefore parking arrangements are unique to each location. Email us at olli@uark.edu or call our office for more information.

Who are the instructors?

Workshops and special events are led by current and retired University of Arkansas faculty and community experts as well as enthusiasts in their fields.

I’d like to teach a class – how can I get started?

Thank you, in advance for your interest in becoming an OLLI at UA instructor! To learn more about facilitating courses visit our page on teaching opportunities.

If you already have a course outlined then submit it using our online course proposal form. Click here for the course proposal form, then bring the completed form to the OLLI office or e-mail it to olli@uark.edu.

How can I keep up to date on OLLI events and programs?

Sign up for our e-newsletter by contacting the OLLI office, or follow us on our Twitter account and like our Facebook page. Search for @OLLIatUofA

How do I get involved?

OLLI relies heavily on volunteers to make the program a success. We welcome volunteers to assist with the smooth functioning of courses, recruiting new members or suggesting new course offerings. You can also make donations to the program. To learn more about these opportunities, contact our office by e-mail at olli@uark.edu or call (479) 575-4545.